When Should You See a Periodontist or Endodontist?

Are you suffering from dental pain or have gum disease? You may be wondering whether you should visit an endodontist or periodontist. Both are dental specialists, but they have different areas of expertise. A periodontist is a dental specialist who specializes in the health of your gums and other structures that support your teeth. They can perform deep cleanings to save your teeth from gum disease, or place implants to replace missing teeth.

An endodontist is a dental specialist who focuses on the root, pulp, and any pain related to the tooth. They still have the same skills as a dentist, but have received additional specialized training. Problems with the root or pulp of the tooth can be caused by untreated tooth decay or other dental conditions. Before seeing either an endodontist or periodontist, it's important to visit your dentist for a checkup so that he can evaluate your pain and refer you to the appropriate specialist. Your dentist will be able to diagnose any underlying issues and recommend the best course of action. If you're experiencing pain in your teeth or gums, it's essential to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Visiting a periodontist or endodontist can help you keep your teeth for life and prevent further damage.

Grady Wehrs
Grady Wehrs

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